My Transcendental Movement Project

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So I had an Honors English assignment to do a project on The Transcendental Movement and the teacher said food and props would yield extra credit.

I made 43 mini-Boston Creme Cupcakes and earned 70 Extra Credit Points. I also made a 100 on the essay portion, bringing my grand total to 170% points!


While my Transcendental Movement Project grade is a sweet success –
the tasty feed back I received on my cupcakes were by far The BEST!

I prefer to make my cupcakes and butter icing from scratch, but this time I used a yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting you buy from the grocery store. I used a vanilla pudding mix in the center. It took me no time to make on a school night. Which is a good thing, because I have two honors classes that demand more hours of homework out of me than most peoples part time jobs require of them. It’s true! But I’m doing it for a good cause: COLLEGE. I’m serious about obtaining a scholarship, or two, or three. College is not cheap and I want my doctorates degree. So in essence, it’s an honor to be averaging an A in my Honors English class today.

Life is SWEET!


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