So the church had a BAKE AUCTION last Sunday and I donated a 1.5 dozen chocolate chip/walnut cookies made from scratch and .5 dozen rainbow cupcakes with butter icing.  It kind of felt like I was on cupcake wars and my parents were my teammates. Dad and I tackled the baking and Mom did the all marketing [wrapping the cookies, tying strings and tagging the sweets. I have personalized tags that have messages on the reverse side of the card. Check it out:

click to enlarge
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I hope that each bite is a tasteful blessing to the persons that bought my products. I don’t know how they fared [price-wise] at the auction, because Mom was driving and I was riding shot gun, so I left promptly after church with her.

Life is sweet and baking for others is always a personal treat.


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  1. quivision says:

    Your rainbow cupcakes are unbelievably moist. I think you have a SWEET future ahead you Ms. Cupcake Chique. Keep pushing positively forward and LEARN as much as you can to increase your knowledge of baking capacity. Ever think about baking GLUTEN-FREE? There’s a growing demand.

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