Recipe for reaping a college scholarship

My recent Twitter hashtag: #Sweets4TheSweet is not a trendy one, but I’m new at creating hashtags, and by all statistical accounts, if I stick by my hashtag and encourage others to use the it – it is highly likely that within the next 24 months my beloved hashtag could have ownness onTwitter (and beyond). Talk about a sweet future coming.

Speaking of future, I’ve mentioned before that I am building this website as my #YoungEntreprenuer approach to starting my own bakery, buying a storefront, and buying a food truck. Yes! I’ve still got plans. Also in my plans, and most importantly is extending my education and acquiring a degree in medicine.

Yes I want to go to college and yes – I know it’s not cheap. I am very blessed to have parents that have the time and care enough to help me understand the process and help me to get through it. And while my dad has paid off his student loans – my mother has not. This was not cool news to me. My mom still takes college courses as her career is ever changing, though now, I think she pays cash in an effort to avoid adding on to her current collegiate deficit.

In light of, I am strapping on my apron-of-comprehension and prepared to tackle the recipe of reaping a college scholarship, or two or three or ten. I am in the mindset of: the more the merrier. I’m in public school and on my last progress report I made 4 A’s and 2 B’s. My friends were in awe. My parents kissed me on the forehead and congratulated me on my hard work, and I accepted all praises immediately and as humbly as I could past my all-teeth smile. However, in my heart of hearts, I know I can do better.

Who’s with me? Anyone whose in a grade school position facing their collegiate future has got to feel me on this. So let’s prepare. Let’s get all of the ingredients we need to make a sweet future for ourselves. I’ve been researching college scholarship prerequisites, and here’s what I’ve come to understand:


    • Get that GPA up! If it’s possible to get more than a 4.0 – GO FOR IT, especially if you’re in the public school (like myself). The higher the better.
    • Join as many academic and social clubs as you can afford and handle. I think this shows a sign that you can multi task and handle a little pressure.
    • Get involved in the city and build community service hours.
    • Get letters of recommendation from any and all of your mentors – it will go a long way when applying for college.
    • Take up an art and stick to it, whether choir, dance, theater, etc. Focus your creative into something and hone it.

Preheat your thoughts to degrees of winning. Start speaking affirmations to yourself and put them on posted notes around your room (if you have to). Whatever you do, STAY MOTIVATED and on fire for your dreams.

Mix the ingredients into your everyday life. Make it a routine to comprehend class instructions while they’re being given instead of having to play catch-up via tutoring, etc. Mix the ingredients easy. Make your obligations work for you. Whisk in fun at every free moment. Free moments are available when you tackle your tasks immediately and not procrastinate on them.

Sift out any desires to put your plans on hold. Your future will not wait.

Marinate in integrity and bake in the confidence of knowing your future is in your hands and that you will reach your goal.

Be sure to line your high school years with filing as many scholarship applications out as you can find. It’s my understanding that if you are not one of the few athletes gifted to get a full scholarship ride, you may need many scholarships to do the trick or to at least minimize your out of pocket expense, (unless of course you’re into still having a student loan bill when you’re 40). Every time I try to imagine having a longterm bill, I think: Ain’t nobody got time for that:

Let’s move forward and in good taste for our future.

Who’s with me?


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  1. coachjoeg says:

    Hey! Hey! You’ve got the right idea Ms. GT04 Student Athlete. Gordon Sports has got your back. Reach out to us if you need any additional help. Our legacy is your success! Hey! Hey! It’s a great day to get better and CupCake Chique —> You are on your way. Keep it up.

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