Chique SUPERBOWL Activity

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I’ve been a competitive cheerleader since I was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper, ( since I was about 8-years old), and still somehow the “love of football” got right by me. Mainly because I cheer for supportive, non-football related crowds where the cheerleader is the competitive headliner.

All the same I’m still a cheerleader and am bound by (an unspoken) oath to cheer, or rather cheer on the guests that turned out to my parents Superbowl party. And even though the broadcast gave very little camera time to those broad, pearly-white smiling cheerleaders, I managed to carve out a time niche where I thought I could get the crowd behind me during the game and I came up with “half time.” But God knew that I’d be no match for the half time show that included Beyonce, Kelley & Michelle, so he allowed that little 34-minute blackout to happen during the game. My parents superbowl party patrons were freaking out & I felt like the burden was suddenly on the shoulders of the cheerleader to do something.

So I did:

Everybody loves the cheerleader. Yay!
Everybody loves the cheerleader. Yay!

I made pizzas.

Never let a little blackout beat ya- beat ya!
Please turn your attentions to my pizza – pizzas!

Ok – I know. I’m corny. Good thing we don’t do a whole lot of chanting in competition cheer, plus it sounds like Little Ceasars influenced my last two words… and maybe they did. 🙂

It wasn’t long before everyone (acted like they) had forgotten all about the blackout, ate the pizzas to crumbs and cheered me on to bake more. I finished off the night with my famous oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies and the crowd went wild. They flew off the super bowl platter like RAVENS – all 3 dozen of them.

Oh yes and CONGRATULATIONS to Ray Lewis & the RAVENS on a superb Superbowl win. It was a great game.

PIZZA Ingredients:

Crust — Mama Mary WHOLE WHEAT Gourmet crusts

Olive oil (put a light cote atop of the pizza crust before adding sauce)

Pepperoni (use as many as you like)

1 cup Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese

+ Optional:

add oregano, and freshly chopped garlic (to the pizza sauce)
add your favorite toppings atop of the cheese along side the pepperoni

Cook for 12-14 minutes and enjoy!

Isn’t it #Sweet to have a Chique in the kitchen?

I’d say so. 🙂


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