Baking up Sweet FILMS

PTFT January Calendar

There’s more that goes into film production than sugar, spice and everything nice – so when put into the universe that they wanted their order for [Season 1] PERCEPTUAL TEEN FILM TROUPE be sweet in script, wise in wit, positive in production ingredients and creatively hot in editing — they called me::

Ring! Ring! 

CupCake Chique: Hello.

3Quis: Hi, we’re in search of outgoing teenagers in the Phoenix metroplex with outstanding academic grades, positive attitude and high energy with an unmatched interest in film production and received your information from an advisory council member. Would you be able to deliver on such a tall order?

CupCake Chique: You’ve absolutely called the right teenager. Not only am I available to fill the order, but I think I know a few others that would like to JOIN me… What’s my role? I’m a film PRODUCER.

Let’s Get REEL!!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. quivision says:

    Awesome venture! We’re watching you. Keep it up young go-getter!

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