Sweet Holidays!

Christmas is the perfect reason to throw on my chique apron and get busy in the kitchen. Thursday was the last day of school (before breaking for Christmas) and I made sugar cookies for our little lunch hour suare’. I was a little nervous to bring them, because the night before when I decided (at the last minute) to bake, I realized I had no milk or eggs on deck. But I was set on baking, so I used a recipe that called for no eggs and no milk. Can you believe that?

I’m adventurous – I gave it go. The cookies came out beautiful and actually tasted great to me and my taste tasters, but the real test was going to be when I served them at the suare.’

HS Christmas Party 2013 -2

I barely made it to second block before I was approached for one of the cookies. I happily shared with the nosey classmate who was eyeing my cookie bag. After eating it, she said nothing and I thought, ‘the good news is, she didn’t choke or frown‘ though before I could continue my thought she tapped me on my back and asked for another. Yes! She likes them.

By the time lunch came around, I was about a half of dozen cookies short of the 4 dozen I initially had in tow and the ladies at the lunch table were certainly ready to weigh in. I placed the cookie boxes on the table and they went at it. The first few bites were a nervous wait for me, but by the second and third bite, the ladies began to yield me, (one by one), the sweetest compliments. A few of the ladies actually did not believe that I had made them – they were certain they were purchased at an established bakery shop. Woo hoo!!! What a compliment! I assured them I made them myself, and with no milk or eggs.

Oh, please believe, I danced in sweet victory the remainder of the day because I tried something new and conquered it easy. The holidays are just getting started and what a sweet begin it is. I can’t wait to try the recipe out on my family over the Christmas break. I’m psyched and #Sweetly so.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, be sure to eat a cookie or two,
I’m The Cupcake Chique
Trying something unique and passing it on to you.
Try it!

CupcakeChique - No Egg No Milk Sugar Cookie Recipe

PS. I forgot to mention that the ladies and I agree the cookies taste a lot like shortbread cookies in texture. Still, they were FABULOUS!


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