Sweet Conclusions – no illusions

situps2banishthegut_5152173_GIFSoup.comI really hope you’ve been good this year
because we’re back at the season thats so full of cheer,
and cookies, and cakes and pies and such:
hips, bellies and girthy butts.

I know I’m preaching to the choir,
so add exercise – as your “stay-fine fire”.

It’s okay to want to hike your skirt up a little high
if you are certain you aren’t sporting jiggly thighs.

Right? I know, I know… I’m preaching to the well tuned choir.
Don’t have a gym membership? Good old running will start the fire.

I’m divvying sweet advise FOR FREE! Take it as quick as you take a cookie.
Nevermind my age or what I weigh – weigh not my wisdom on status of rookie.

I may not have had 5 kids, or a marriage that I need to work at,
but I do have finals and papers full of binders and other areas of lack.

Let no excuse be the reason that we gain 5 or 10 pounds this season.
I need to know “we’re good to go” and that sweets are not the obese reason.

Now brush the crumbs from your mouth and get in plank formation,
I’m The CupCake Chique
with tons of baking to do this week,
I just wanted to clarify our sweet fitness relation.

We’re good right? Nothing wrong with sweet and tough lovin’.
Before you exit, be a gem and put 350 degrees on my oven.

3 Cheers for 101 COOKIE RECIPES!
Happy Holidays!


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