Sweet Plans for tuition

F12G1962 copyAnd so the BIG DAY came and I walked it in heels.
I’d dreamt of graduation, still it all felt surreal.

I thought 12th grade was tops, but it’s really the start of the hill.
I start college in days — did I mention it all feels surreal?

Sweeter days are ahead… or so I’ve heard them all say.
And I’ve been doing more than baking nowadays.

This Summer has found me to be a girl about play,
though tuition will be due and I’ve my part to pay.

I’m more focused on my studies, the ease of learning is a give and take.
To assist with my tuition remainders, I plan to be a sweetie and bake.

Everyone loves cookies, cupcakes, pies, cakes and the likes.
I’ll build a new reputation for ways to tastefully sugar spike.

Yes. I absolutely plan to continue producing my baking delights,
I’m the Cupcake Chique
and I’ll forget not to check in with  thee via #SweetWrites.

While I am away I still vow this to be true:
For every tasty recipe I come across, I’ll share it with you.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. We love your CHOCOLATE CHIP OATMEAL cookies! These cookies are MUST HAVE and MUST SHARE! Dear Cupcake Chique: Please consider commercial marketing these ASAP. You Rock and your recipes reign!!

    1. cupcakemiz says:

      Thank you so much for your support!!! #StaySweet

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