Moving OUT, ON and UP

Reasons-2go2-collegePacking up your room, knowing that those four walls watched you grow up. Cleaning out your closet, debating on whether or not your favorite shirt you bought your junior year will make the cut for being put in your box of clothes that you’ll take to college. Spending hours on end dorm shopping and getting a little too carried away. Hanging out with high school friends, knowing that by the time fall comes around this just won’t be the same. These are a few of the experiences faced by incoming college freshman.

I am currently an incoming freshman starting school this fall. I’m nervous yet very very very excited. I’ve been counting down the days until move in since I got my acceptance letter. A mixture of emotions it truly is, but at the end of the day I know I will be fine. I mean yes, I’m rooming with two complete strangers. No, I do not have any high school friends going to the same school as me and yes, I’m probably going to eat lunch by myself on the first day of school. But aside from all those things I’m pretty darn pumped for the change of environment. I want a culture shock, I want to be forced outside my comfort zone, because for so long I’ve been so routine, I’m craving change.

I’ll be so close to home, yet so far away, I’ll be two hours away to be exact. It’s almost equivalent to being out of state but not really (not to mention not having to pay out of state tuition! Score!). This summer I learned a lot about myself, I found peace within my angsty teenage heart, I learned to let go, I figured out what they meant when they said you find out who your real friends are after you graduate. Not that I’ve had a major falling out with any of my good friends, I think the key to that is to always be alone, rely on no one but your immediate family, but that’s another post for another day.

My inner feelings about going off to college in a couple weeks are erratic and off the walls. I’m anxious yet overly excited. I’m going to learn things, I’m finally going to be taught things I’m interested in. I’m going to be new again, I get a fresh start, I get to network and meet new people. I get to grow and learn and experience things. I get to grow up. I get to come of age. It’s both scary and enticing, but I was always told to run towards my fears. So here I go.


It’s all new to me and I’m ready to take it all on.
I take a little comfort in knowing I won’t be too far from home.

Though I’ll very much be alone – I am truly ready to face it.
Learn the ropes, chew and don’t choke – on the Deans List, my name, please place it.

I’ve given thought to missing most of my friends,
they buddied up around the same university, applied and all got in.

My parents are all for a win that includes more studies than social grins.
So I’ll be schooling in the opposite direction. I’ll be north of all my friends.

Let the adventure begin.
I’ll be in a new environment; I’ll be new again.
Life remains steady – college is the new spin.

Let the adventures soar!
My things are packed and at the door.
I’m off to learn and increase my intellectual score.

Opportunity can be #Sweet without the fat and calories.
I’m excited about finding out first hand. I’m excited for the future of me.
— I am the CupCake Chique.
Cupcake Chique Logo 2014
See ya on campus!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Cade Burks says:

    Have fun, but don’t forget why you’re there and where you came from! Good luck 🙂

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