Bullied by the price of Bad Fashion

13106487_10154017977520479_1468274835_oLast weekend I attended the (not sure of the real name) Skyline Prep and Arts Academy Fashion show, the tickets were assigned to me, and since I’m a huge fan of fashion & supporting the local arts, so naturally I was ecstatic to go. It took place at Skyline Prep and Arts Academy, which apparently is a charter K-4 school, off of Baseline and 40th, and if you’re from here, that’s not exactly the nicest part of Phoenix.

I mentioned that the tickers were given to me, but tickets were $15 a pop, so I was expecting a bang for my buck, or a bang for whoever’s buck was spent, so my expectations where high. I wish I could take a picture of the ticket, because if you saw how nice the ticket was you’d have high expectations as well, not to throw shade, but I feel as if they spent more money on the ticket than the actual production itself, but I’ll just sip on this tea………..

Drive up to the elementary school, nowhere to park, which is normal wasn’t too mad about I go to a lot a fashion shows downtown and in the city so I’m used to strategically parking, seeing the amount of cars excited me, thought I was going to be in for a good show… that wasn’t the case. Walk in, give the ticket handler my ticket, which is honestly just a mother from the PTA committee, but am I mad? No, I expected that, it’s a kids fashion show for crying out loud. The fact that this fashion show took place in a recreational gym, there was very limited seats near the stage and runway and the rest of the seats where just the BLEACHERS, which were about 30-40 feet from the actually runway. Tickets sales correlate to how many people are going to show up aka how many seats are going to be filled!!!! Someone along the lines missed that memo, and with that being said that was the first of many disappointments of the night.

I know that most of the time when you go to shows you rarely know what they are about, sometimes you get a program, sometimes the theme is a no brainer, you recognize it as soon as you watch the show, but this show – this show, I’m pretty sure it had no theme, no rhyme or reason, they had no local or kid designers, and most of all I remember one sequence where kids were modeling full on GAP catalogue fits! I was soooo disappointed in the lack of originality and creativity.

IMG_4419.PNGSo now, I’m sitting here, actually standing, wondering where this $30 dollars spent on my two tickets went to. It obviously didn’t go to set design, didn’t go to seating, and honestly didn’t go to the guest… maybe it went to those GAP outfits those kids were modeling, but I digress.

Last month I attended PHXFW ASU House of Business Spring Fashion show and it was alright. Again with the venue, I was disappointed, it was located at the Hackett House in Tempe, more like Hackett SHACK but you know what, at least I got to sit down at that fashion show. For the ASU show it was only $5 a ticket and that included reserved seating and gift bags. Although I was very impressed with the fashion portion as far as models and the fits I was very disappointed in the timely manner of it all. The show was supposed to start at 7, my friends and I got there early and waited and waited 7:47pm comes around and the show is finally starting, like I mentioned before, the actual show, very impressive, but then next thing you know 8:01pm rolls around and the show is over! Only one line?! I was thoroughly disappointed in my fellow collegiate peers who put the show on.

So there you have it, two not so excellent shows that I have attended. What could have been improved? what could have been done better? That is up for the reader to decide. I’m just here to tell it like it is.

I’m CupCakeChique
#SUPPORTING bad fashions shows is no sweet treat.


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