A Coming of Age – A Return to Innocence

aristocratI’d like to think that I’m pretty wise for the count of my 19-years, but then I am also honest enough to say that my assessment is likely biased. I’m a cheerleader of life, love, liberties and  humanity.

JULY is the month of the crab; the month of the aristocrat. July is my birthday month and I’d be lying to you if I said I don’t like the company of the ‘crabs’ in my ‘barrel.’😀  My clique and I are an odd looking bunch as it pertains to ethnicities. Hardly any of us a match – ethnic wise, and it’s lovely. We didn’t all become friends because we looked a like, but we do all have something in common and it’s important: FASHION.  We’re individualist who meet at a very materialistic seam — #Wisdom.  I know our assembly is not based on anything “deep,” but I love each and everyone of them for who they are and the uniqueness that they bring to our clique.

Is there a lot of “quirky-ism” in our group? Sure, there is, but they love me anyway. I am grateful. I thrive in loving company, it doesn’t have to be perfect – just loving. They are.

For the most part, we have all completed year one of college and soon off to year two, I’m excited… I’m a tad bit anxious too. Everything I thought I’d be doing, and actually planned to be doing by July 2016 has changed. Aristocrats plan. I planned and still, so many changes via new variables. I like new variables, pieces, scarves, shoes, earrings, bangles, and the like – they can give new live to any mundane outfit, but when it comes to new variables to my social calendar, well… these are the things that try to keep me up at night. My mom is good for reassuring me that I’m “so 19.” It helps me to get myself off the hook of absolute reasoning – I endeavor to be better still. So I push forward.

Pushing forward just means that I accept the changes, the evolution that is and will be happening in my life NOW and as long as I live.

crabThe more I accept that I am Coming of Age and into my own, the more I realize A Return to Innocence is looking more and more appealing. Sure, I’m only 19, working two jobs and still under parental good graces (they pay most of my bills), but I’m not too green to realize a good thing while I’m in it and in fact, I’m proclaiming that I’m revealing in it. One day I won’t be 19 and juggling a happening social calendar, but maybe board meetings in corporate venues, so it would be wise that I take as many ‘notes’ as life is offering me, comprehend, digest and grow stronger & wiser because of.

I told ya – I am Coming of Age and I realize A Return to Innocence is a much safer place to be while I work out my ‘crabs in a barrel‘ situation.  Aristocracy isn’t yielded to the weak, so as I enter year 2 of my collegiate journey I am excited, open minded and my calendar book is flexible. I’ve learned a lot still I have so much to learn. I’m up for it. A wise person once said, “If you can’t face the music, you’ll never lead the band.” Me? I was born to be a band leader. Sheet music reading is now in progress.

Life: bring on your wisdom, I meet thee with grace.


— I’m the Cupcake Chique



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