i blinked and now summer is gone


How #Sweet it is to write to you again.
You are this Chiques #SweetestFriend.

Where have I been? I’ve been here and I’ve been there too.
I recently wrote a weebly post that I wanted to share with you.

Why? Well, because I know you were sitting back, wondering – in your cut,
WHERE in the dickens IS Twerkita?” So let’s play catch-up:

twerkita-summer-in-and-out-sauce.pngHey y’all! If you were wondering, yes, I forgot I had a blog, but that’s ok cause now I remembered and I’m back. School’s back in session hence me having a routine and me remembering to update my blog. When I started this blog, the taste of summer was on the tip of my tongue, now it has been digested, summer is over and it tasted so sweet. My summer involved starting my new job at Adore, apartment hunting, falling in and out of love, stealing extra secret sauce from In n Out, buying last minute plane tickets, learning how adult, mourning the death of Harambe, drinking too much boxed wine and waiting for Frank Ocean to drop his album. Yes, all of this happened in the span of three months give or take. Yes, I should have been blogging all those things I just rambled off, but I was having too much fun too blog, so you all just get the just of it.

I’m now starting the second week of my sophomore year in college, and I must say…
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