Peace Starts @ Home

IMG_7858I’m the youngest in my family. I’ve no brothers, just me and my older sister, so it’s always a pleasure when my cousins from Texas drop in on me. They are always down to throw up the duece with me in the name of UNITY & PEACE. These are my younger cousins Diesel and Xavier and while they are indeed younger than me, in our collective family, I am still the youngest GIRL in the family. Some things never change.

Something else that I love about our family is that we welcome and love each other without bias. This holiday found many of us boarding in the same home and regardless of the headcount — peace was always on board. Most of the fam stayed at my Moms home while my guy and I ventured off to FLAG. We came back quickly, but not before snapping a few memorable shots in the downtown square.

I do love Flagstaff. GO LUMBERJACKS! #NAU


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