The After-Christmas Weekend

IMG_7859 This weekend will be met with mad love because I’m pretty excited about the incoming year. I have no club plans – I have life plans. I’m pretty lit about the prospects of re-jump starting my blog presence which will also include changing the URL name. At current the URL is, its a name that I earned as a pre-teen because when it came to baking cupcakes and taking creative and tastful risks with recipes — I was your girl. From ages eight to fourteen you couldn’t tell me anything about cupcake moistness. My Granny is a cake and pastry chef and I was her taster (when I was younger); surely my pallet made me an authority on the matter, so I accepted opportunity. I had fun making cupcakes but today I make MUSIC LISTS that would make a DJ blush. I’m a DJ’s best friend, if he’s jamming.

I work in the music industry and enjoy a good concert, music festivals and raves! It’s time to put a new spin and vibe on the CupCakeChiques face. We’re calling this upgrade TWERKITA. The new URL will be and it’s coming soon.

Out goes the cupcakes and in comes the party shakes!

It’s time to shakes things up.
I’m Twerkita
Welcome to ‘the cut.’


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