Zach Duncan

DSC_0410Believe it or not, this photographer and I met on Tinder. Zach’s Tinder bio said something along the lines of him being a photographer looking for people to shoot. When opportunity knocks, Twerkita answers, we matched and I messaged him about meeting up for a photoshoot. Zach lived a little ways away from me, so we decided to meet up downtown to shoot. DSC_0360

I remember driving to this shoot, I was nervous cause I’d never done anything like this before, but I’m glad I was feeling risky that day because Zach took some dope photos! I really love what he did with the one portrait with the purple/bluish hues below. We literally just stood near a food truck and he reflected the truck’s neon light in the photo. I’m sure there’s a technical photography phrase for that.


I had a great time shooting with Zach, he was very cool dude. Make sure to check out more of his work here and give his Instagram a follow (@zachduncan222)!


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