Quick T-shirt Upgrade

With this being my first D.I.Y. post, I wanted to start with something short, sweet, and simple. At first I wasn’t going to post this, but after taking pics in this shirt and posting them on my social medias, I got tons of compliments on my shirt! That gave me encouragement to blog about it!
Since the New Year set in, all the buzz has been about de-cluttering.  I’ve heard so many positive things about it, I decided to give it a go. I’ve had this shirt for a while, but since I’m not a big t-shirt wearer, I rarely wore it. When I was de-cluttering my closet at the start of this year, I decided to keep this shirt and give it another go. I went over my mom’s house the other day and she had on such a cute shirt, she was telling me about how it was a plain t-shirt that she just cut. So shouts out to moms for inspiring this DIY!

IMG_1194So this is the shirt I used. All you’re gonna need for this is… you guessed it… a shirt and some scissors!IMG_1195I like to fold it in half when I cut shirts. Just to make sure I have an even line going across and it lowkey saves time. I went ahead and started by cutting the collar of the shirt off. IMG_1198Then I just went for the midriff and cut that. I like my shirts to show a lil skin so I do mine kind of short.
Below is my end result! I really like how it came out. I was in a hurry the morning I threw this top on, and it complimented my gym fit very well. It added just the right pop of color into my outfit. I almost chuckled to myself when multiple people were complimenting me and asking me where I got my shirt. It was literally $3 off the clearance rack at Forever, if my memory serves me correctly. Processed with VSCO with t1 presetThat has to be my favorite thing about fashion. Fashion is whatever you want it to be. The most important accessory is confidence. With confidence, you can rock anything, and I think my banana crop is a great indicator of that.

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