What Nocturnal Wonderland Taught Me

So I recently started going to festivals about a year ago. What I love so much about festivals is the energy and the ability to fully be yourself with no if and or buts about it. I LIVE FOR IT!!💁‍♀️I was new-ish to the EDM festival scene but I really just wanted to immerse myself into it, not just dip my feet yanno?!
I forget how I came across Nocturnal, I’m sure I probably saw a mutual tweet about it, then I looked into it and saw how reasonably priced tickets were. I texted my favorite festie bestie and asked her if she wanted to come with me but she couldn’t afford it 🙁 No worries, one monkey doesn’t stop Twerkita’s show! I asked my boyfriend to go with me and he said yes!!! I was so stoked! Finally, me and a rave bae!!💑 I usually go to concerts and what not without my boyfriend, cause he hates concerts! So when I’m at shows and I see couples I def used to get FOMO, so you could see how stoked I was to rave with my boo! Another part of me was excited as well because I feel I’m my final form at festivals, I’m all smiles all giggles 24/7, and I was excited for my boyfriend to see that side of me.

kandiFast forward to festival day!! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! This was my first out of state festival, and I’ve heard nothing but raving (pun intended) reviews about Nocturnal! Shout out to my friends for making us kandi 🍭💕

I had my outfit custom made by my good friend Taylor Brown. Check out tha fre$h threadz below ⬇️

It was awesome having a custom made outfit, because I had the satisfaction of knowing that no one else is wearing what I’m wearing!!!! Taylor made this beautiful two piece by hand! It was cute, comfortable, and stylish. She met all my raving outfit needs with this piece! Also, support your friends! Check out more of her super cute clothes here!!

As you could see, going into Nocturnal Wonderland, I had plenty of expectations. To say the least, nothing went as planned or expected. Initially, I was upset. Not too upset though, don’t get me wrong, I had a BLAST in a CAN 🎉 but my boyfriend on the other hand really didn’t. Like I mentioned before, he’s not a big fan of concerts and probably hates electronic music more. Not to mention, he’s a huge introvert, he doesn’t like being in the middle of big crowds or interacting with too many unfamiliar people. Naturally and over dramatic me, was flustered because of this. I remember legitimately thinking to myself, “how have I been with this boy for so long, and I’m just now realizing we have nothing in common??!!!?” I was dumbfounded.

Nocturnal Wonderland taught me duality. It also taught me to live life with no expectations of anything ever.

On duality: At Nocturnal, I quickly realized how different I am from my boyfriend. I’m a hyper active social butterfly, and he’s a quiet and mellow cool kid. At first I was confused, I wondered how we’d made it this far. In time I learned that balance is the best part of duality. There’s a place were my boyfriend and I meet in the middle, and it definitely wasn’t at Nocturnal, I think our middle ground is the couch LOL. I also have to remind myself that all though we spend a lot of time together, we have much in common, but not EVERYTHING. Nocturnal was sure proof of that.
On expectations: On the upside of that, I learned that I actually like to go to festivals without my boyfriend, 1 it’s not his type of scene and 2 I have a lot my fun by myself with my friends, and not worrying whether he’s enjoying his time. I felt that at Nocturnal I was so worried on whether or not I was going to live up to the expectations I made in my head. It’s best just to expect nothing. Live life for now, not for what you imagined or pictured how its going to be in your head.

Those are the lessons I learned under the wonky skies of Nocturnal Wonderland🌀 I enjoyed myself and all of it’s entirety. Festivals aren’t all about the music, it’s about exploring, finding yourself, and learning valuable life lessons! I made this blog in hopes you people understand the methods of my festival madness. Until next time, xoxo 💋



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