Trader Joe’s Haul

Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite grocery stores! It’s such a cute place and they sell lots of yummy things for not too bad of prices. I pay a lot of attention to detail, and at Trader Joe’s, it’s all about detail. Down to the uniqueness of the products sold there, to the hand written price tags and decorations. Also did I mention they have $2 wine??????? For all the wine moms out there, this is the joint! Every time my boyfriend and I go to Trader Joe’s he buys me flowers and a bottle of wine every time, I love it!!jatj

Recently, the Trader Joe’s released the Customer Choice Awards winners, so naturally and I had to make a trip to TJ’s to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t straight go and buy ALL of the customer choice favorites, because… well I don’t trust people THAT much. Anyway, I got a couple things from the list and some other new things I’ve wanted to try.

Alright so below, I’ll do a little review of all the things I picked up. IMG_1231

Chicken Fried Rice – Not to be dramatic, but this bag of chicken fried rice is a STAPLE in my household. I LOVE 💙 this stuff, all you have to do is throw some oil in the pan, throw some of the rice in the pan, stir it around for about 5 mins and BOOM 💥 yummy rice done. I usually like to add minced garlic and Everything but the Bagel Seasoning on this, and sometimes when I have left overs, I throw some dirty rice in there and call it Dirty Fried Rice.

Nutty Chocolate Granola Bars – I’m a big fan of these granola bars because they are yummy and filling. I love that there’s peanuts in it too, cause easy protein! Mornings are usually very busy for me and I usually just grab a granola, banana, and apple sauce for breakfast. These little guys are delicious cause there’s chocolate on the bottom of them.

Mango Mini Mochi – Sushi has to be one of my favorite foods, and I love that most sushi restaurants serve great mochi. If you’ve never had mochi, in my opinion there’s no use in describing it cause it’s weird af and hard to describe, LOL! But I recommend trying mochi if you’ve never tried it! It’s super flavorful and interesting to say the least. It’s also non dairy which gives it an extra special place in my heart😋

Mandarin Orange Chicken🏆 – This was the winner of the customer choice awards, so I had to buy and try it! WOW! I fried up these babies last night and holy moly me oh my I understand why they won. You know how sometimes you get orange chicken and it’s either too crispy, not crispy enough, or too much orange flavoring in the sauce. Am I weird for that last one? Maybe so, anyway this orange chicken is PERFECT😍🍊🍗 To make it even better I threw it in the chicken fried rice and added some steamed broccoli for a quick, easy, and delicious Trader Joe’s dinner.

Apple Banana Fruit Crushers –  Apple sauce is truly 100% the GOAT🐐 Also who was I before they started putting apple sauce in pouches???? I know this stuff is geared towards kids but it’s genius and I love it. It’s so convenient, you don’t have to use a spoon!! Just slurp!!! I love bananas, so the banana in apple sauce is a dope two for one.

Green Dragon Hot Sauce⭐- This was a runner up in the customer choice awards. Hear me out tho…….it lost to ketchup…smh. Anyway, these boys HAWT 🔥 I liked the hot sauce the most, it defiantly lived up to the hype, it went great with my tacos. My favorite park about it, is it’s not too spicy, it has just the right amount of kick, and the flavor is still there. I feel too often hot sauces lose the balance between hot and flavorful, a lot of the time its either or, but with the Green Dragon sauce, you don’t have to compromise 🐉

Dried Mangoes – This is a favorite snack of mine because it’s quick and yummy. These particular mangoes were extra good cause they’re sweetened perfectly! I’ve very impressed with these as they are organic but the price is still just right.

Soy Cream Sandwiches – Like I mentioned earlier, if it’s diary-free it has an extra special place in my heart. I was very nervous trying these “soy cream” sandwiches cause they were vegan, gluten-free, AND only 90 calories!! 😵 I was shook, thinking to myself “these boys finna be nasty”, but they were DELICIOUS!!! I gobbled them up!! I couldn’t believe it was dairy-free I was livingggggg. I’m going to learn to stop doubting TJ’s cause they have never let me down.

Pizza Parlanno – In my opinion, I think TJ’s has the best frozen selection. Their frozen pizzas are around the same price as regular grocery store frozen pizzas. I feel you get a better bang for your buck with a TJ’s frozen pizza. They are very simple and tasty. My favorite is the spinach in feta pizza, but I grabbed this one for the boys in the house, they don’t like when there isn’t any meat on the pizza. This one is very delicious and great for a quick, easy meal!! 🍕

French Demi Baguette – I always try to pick up a loaf when I go to TJ’s because they are also so fresh, tasty, and only 99 cents! I usually make fresh garlic bread with this (keep your eyes peeled for a recipe soon 👀), or cut it up and serve it with dinner, as is. It’s delicious both ways!

I’m very pleased with this haul. In total I spent out $35 which I think is not too bad considering what I got. I love the uniqueness and quality of Trader Joe’s products. I definitely recommend shopping here for specific products, verses shopping your whole grocery list, because it can get a little pricey.

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