My First Photo Shoot

So throwback to circa Summer 2016 when I met this model on Instagram and we became besties. He picked me up from work one day, did my makeup, and we went out to the middle of the desert to take some pictures.

The photographer behind the lens is Suede Williams.

I remember feeling so awkward because I had never modeled before. At first, I was posing with my mouth closed, and Suede specifically asked me to open my mouth and to “be proud of that gap” Shouts outs to him though, because I this photoshoot I quickly realized. how poppin my gap is 😺

My friends pictured above are Deidra and Shiv. Hanging out with them all summer long was definitely a blast. We went to Pheonix Pride together the prior spring and we instantly hit it off. I was first drawn to them due to how beautiful they were. I had never seen prettier people in my life! We’ve all grown up now and moved away from each other but they’re the type of friends that are definitely invited to my wedding, so I’ll see them again eventually.

These boyz hawt 🔥 Suede is an amazing photographer. This shoot is 2 years old, and he’s only progressed tremendously in his craft. Make sure to check out his Instagram!

I’m so glad my friends pushed me out of my comfort zone and took me to this shoot! Although I have no serious intentions of ever modeling, it’s fun to get dolled up and have your photos taken to remind yourself how hot you are. I’m always down for that 😛💋

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