From Drab to Fab: Goodwill Haul

Being a millennial and growing up in the economy we were raised in, I’m always down to save a buck or two. Don’t get me wrong, I splurge and treat myself, but it seems as if ever since my parents allowed me to buy my own clothes, I’ve always gotten a thrill out of bargain shopping. Sometimes I feel like Mr. Krabs, but I get a kick out of saving some dollars💵 With that being said, every other Saturday is 50% off day Goodwill. The prices at there are already considerable cheap, so when its half off day, it’s bananas🍌

Image result for mr krabs

I couldn’t resist! I ran over to the GoodWill across the street from my job and diligently shopped, as I was on a timed break. Here’s what I managed to find:


The total for this haul was a whopping $15.35!! I was pretty impressed considering that I got about 3 outfits. (Grey cargos not pictured). Although the price is right and the clothes are cute… it was a little to eh for me, so I decided to shake it up!
Alright, so I just went with something simple – a quick crop! For the sake of this being a DIY post, YES I took pictures of me cutting it. LOL

After a few snips ✂️ and some cute belts, here’s my finished product:


That’s what I was able to throw together with this haul. I really like thrifting, it gets my creative juices flowing. I like to think about how I can add or alter to the outfit. Usually, the outfits turn out a lot cooler than I expected in my head, and that’s the rewarding aspect of it for me.

What are some of yall favorite thrift stores? Also what tips and tricks do you use while thrifting? Mine is to ALWAYS try things on because you never know! Comment your thoughts!

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  1. I love, love thrifting. My favorites are Salvation Army and Goodwill. I also like the Rescue Mission. I only go when they have sales 😃. Love your thrifted pieces

    1. twerkita says:

      Thrift stores are the best on sale day! I’ll have to check out the Salvation Army more…thanks so much for reading ❤️

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