Lincoln Park After Dark

When I was younger, I would religiously paint my nails and always have a poppin’ home manicure. I’m not even over exaggerating when I say I would RELIGIOUSLY paint my nails, like one chip y’all, and ya girl was DONE! New nails, boom bam, almost instantly! Not sure if it’s just me, but going to the nail salon was so intimating when I was a young teen. I never knew what kind of nails to ask for or what kind I wanted to get, and then the prices never sat well with me (I’ve been frugal since the get-go ya’ll 💸) When I got older, around high school age, I would go to the nail salon with friends for special events, such as school dances and whatnot. Of course, I would love the after product of something like acrylics or even gel, BUT I would absolutely hate taking them off and the damage it did to my nail beds was never worth it for me, like ever. Maybe because I was used to taking care of my real nails from doing them at home so much, but I never understood why one month of acrylics or gel would ruin and weaken my nail beds for months on end. So naturally, I never strayed too far from painting my nails at home. There was a time when I had gotten so good at doing my own nails, people would constantly ask me where I got them done, and when I reveal its an at-home manicure, they were usually blown away. Hopefully, I can find a pic to show y’all what I was working with 💅🏾IMG_3472

Anyway, with all that being said, I’m super stoked to be partnering with OPI and their #MakeItIconic campaign to help bring to life OPI’s most beloved shades that have stood the test of time. 
My shade was Lincoln Park After Dark. While I am a fan of super dark sultry shades – in the summertime, I prefer lighter shades, but I’m never one to knock the gifts the universe gives me, so I gave it a shot. Since my 20s (so for about a year 😂) I’ve been really into my natural hair, and honey, natural hair is not for the faint at heart or the ones who have OCD (like me) about polish chipping! I’ve let my battle with polish chipping win, and I’ve just stopped painting my fingernails altogether, so in all honesty, this was the first time in a hot minute that I’ve actually painted fingernails. 
First and foremost, I was highly impressed with the strength of the shade and the consistency of the polish. The color was bold and the polish was not streaky by any means whatsoever. This polish was so remarkable that one coat alone was impressive in itself. I was so shook I took pics immediately!

I mentioned earlier how when I first got the polish, I wasn’t too stoked on the darkness of the shade, mostly due to the time of the year and me being picky but… OMG, It’s almost comical how quickly I ended up LOVING the color as soon as it came in contact with my nail. Don’t be judging books by their covers📕 or polishes by their bottles ladies 😌☝I used to have a polish very similar to this color by a different brand (some random nail polished I picked up from the $ Tree probs), but at a time, it was one of my favorite polishes, because it was like a deep purple that looks black in some lighting and dark purp in others and I was a bit obsessed with that color (I loved wearing it during Halloween 🎃 it really made me feel like I was on my spooky goth girl vibes 🕸️) but this OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is that $ Tree nail polish’s hot, sexy, more sophisticated older sister. That my friends, is why I don’t question the universe and the gifts it decides to bestow upon me, because the universe always knows what I need way before I do…but y’all know my favorite saying: that’s a different blog post for another day 😜


To wrap this bad boy up, Lincoln Park After Dark – 10/10 would recommend, it gets all 5 stars from Twerk ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I truly understand it’s iconic presence and why its a long lasting OPI shade. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to join this campaign because there are many amazing moments in life to where we recall the details so well – even down to what color nail polish color you were wearing (or at least that rings very true for me, the girliest girl at 💖). I remember vividly when I was younger, how nail polish for me was about expressing one’s femininity and a creative outlet in a way. I always looked forward to painting my nails and I would think about the most adolescent teen girl things while I was doing it, like how cute my manicure would look if a boy held my hand, or how cute it looked when I grabbed my phone, little things like that… all while Avril Lavigne was playing in the background from my radio (looking back now that’s hilarious to admit, but if we’re gonna be transparent might as well go all the way). All I’m saying is thanks OPI for giving me the chance to have a moment to reflect and even reunite with nail polish. Who knows, maybe after this I’ll pick back up on giving myself manicures again, but for now that,’s too soon to tell.

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