Summer Daze

Maybe it’s because my sun sign is in Cancer♋, but in the summertime I THRIVE, ya hear 👂 me girlies?
Skin: poppin’
Booty: bouncin’
Hair: curly
Good: times
I’m turning 21 this summer too, so the hype is real. I know I’m coming back from a 3-month hiatus like nothing happened, although a ton DID! I moved to a new state, started a new job, have met tons of new friends… the list goes on. But as I always say, that’s another blog post for another day.

So here are a couple tunes for you if you’re looking to make your summer sizzle  🔥

Body by Sean Paul ft Migos

When I first heard this song last summer, it immediately blew my mind! I grew up listening to Sean Paul back in the early 2000s so it was nice to see him collab with the Migos. This song will get ya dutting whining in no time.

I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) by Young Thug, Jaime xx, ft Poppcan

First off the sample used in this song is a classic. This is an instant favorite. Songs like this really show how versatile Young Thug really is as an artist. The other day someone asked my if I could only listen to one artist for the rest of my life, who would I choose, and I chose Young Thug. Still have no ragrets.

In My Feelings by Drake

The #KeKeChallegenge may have ruined this for some of us but I refuse to let worn out trends ruin songs!!!!! Ok! When I first heard this I was looovvinnngg that bounce beat! Drake also used bounce on Nice for What and that too made me really love that song as well. I put two and two together that I may be a fan of bounce, so I took it upon myself to watch some Youtube videos on bounce dancing and I was LIVINGGGGG, yes queens 😍I’ll link the video I watched here, so you too can see my girlies twerking. I mean with a name like Twerkita, how could I not love bounce?

Reborn by Kids See Ghost (Kid Cudi & Kanye)

If you want my honest op, Kids See Ghosts is the album of the summer. If you haven’t heard it, then what you doing???!!! It gave me the chills, and that usally only happens to me at live shows… I listened to this album in my living room. It’s AMAZING! This song in particular is great because its uplifting af and just surprisingly refreshing. Thank you Ye and Cudi  🙏

Call Me by NEIKID and MIMI

I once heard this song in a Forever21…ya’ll know I Shazam’ed so quick!!! This song makes me want to have a pool party with a bunch of cute girls. Summer is all about being cute, fun, and flirty… this song embodies that essence perfectly!!

Some More by Future

When Zaytoven and Future get together they really be making some straight up classics! Some More is just gorgeous sounding… y’all know what I mean!? Anyway Beast Mode 2 was nuts 🤪 Go listen to that!!!

Move It by Trip Rexx

So what if I love this song cause it’s about me?! It has surfer vibes anyway!!! 🏄‍♀️🌊 Its such a cute groovy song and honestly, it embodies me and my summer energy so well 😚

Baby Daddy by Lil Yachty

Listen, it’s summer time and its no secret that I love belligerent rap. The more ignorant the better, in my opinion. This is probably the only Lil Boat song I have saved to my library. With that being said, this boy is hot. The chorus is so catchy too, can’t help but milly rock my life away when this plays on the shuffle.

So those are some of the tracks to get yo summer jam on to 🎶☀️ I hope y’all are having a fun and safe summer! Don’t get too ratchet, don’t do anything Twerkita wouldn’t do! With that being said, that leaves you with lots of room to get a lil wild 😛 If you’re into the track mentioned above, check out the whole playlist ⬇️ below ⬇️



As for my Apple Music friends… I’m working on it!!! #SpotifyGang

What tracks can y’all not get enough of this summer? What’s been making y’all stereos bang 🔊 💥 Comment down below, let me know! ⬇️⬇️

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