Dakota @ Dakota’s (alt title: TWENTY FUN)

So I finally turned 21!!!! And if you know me personally, you know this is a huge weight lifted off a girl who’s had a fake ID since 18 😵 Ahhh I know right?! 3 years and 4 snatched fake IDs later… MAMA WE MADE IT🎉 I moved to Denver a couple months ago, and spent my actual 21st birthday there and it was a blast! Not only did I get to enjoy the alcoholic perks but I got to enjoy the greener side of things 🌲If ya know what I mean 😉

Between bar hopping the new city I’m living in and going out of the country for the very first time (Mexico you have my heart, and possibly one of my livers), you can only imagine the birthday month that I’ve had.


I was able to go to AZ for about a week and have a low-key birthday celebration. I went out with some of my girls on a Wednesday night, you’re a local if you only go out on the weekends, fyi.

Growing up near a college town, luckily someone always knows of something going on and sorority girls somewhere are down to send it. My friends were able to get us seats on a party bus that busses a ton of college students downtown. If you know me, you know I’m literally always late!! I don’t know why (probably the weed) but low and behold I damn near miss this party bus that my girls are already on! I was late cause I was grabbing a hoagie, we can’t be out here getting throwed on an empty stomach ladies ☝🏽Anyway, so here I am, my boyfriend speeding to the place where the buses are, as soon as I hop out the car I see the bus moving and my girls text me saying I missed the bus. Little did they know I stood in front the moving bus with both of my hands up like 🖐🏾🖐🏾 and the bus BRAKED FOR ME 😂 They opened that bus door and I was like “I NEED to get on this bus” and the rest is history. My friends were shook af cause they were sure I missed it! Thank goodness my friends knew a ton of promoters, so by the time the bus dropped us off downtown we already had bottle service and a table waiting for us at this one club called Casa Amigos – which obviously means house of friends… I’ll touch more on that later tho.


So here we are pre gaming at Casa. At this point I’m downing the vodka and cran like my life depended on it, cause finally 21 and free bottle service 🍾 Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to bars before because of my fake, but honestly I was celebrating and end of an era in a sense. No more scheming, no more sweating bullets, and if I added up how many times I barfed before using my fake id, cause anxiety, I’d be a math prodigy!!!! So I was binge drinking cause 21 and this is only the beginning and cheers to life itself!

At one point, we decide to leave Casa and see what else the night life had to offer us. We ended up going to another bar called Dakota’s !!! Which is totally cool cause that’s my name and its MY birthday party!! Did you also catch how the last bar was called Casa Amigos?! Which translates to house of friends, and if you know anything about the name Dakota (which you probably don’t) it means friend 😊 So the name of the bars we went to were totally relevant to myself and my name and we weren’t even trying! To top it all off, there was a photo booth at Dakota’s so the pics we took had my name plastered all over them. Oh and of course I had strangers buying my friends and I shots, so naturally I puked and rallied. Despite my hoagie efforts 😩 But you know what they say… it aint ya 21st unless you’re puking… or maybe I just made that up 😉


IMG_3347.jpgIn conclusion, cancer season was nothing but a lituation, and your girl is F I N A L L Y 21!! She’s kissing her fake ID goodbye! An end of an era, the end of innocence!!! Or is it the beginning? Who knows… stay tuned to find out more.



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