Disposable Diary: Summer ’18

Y’all use Huji? If you don’t know what Huji is, it’s the filter that looks like it was taken with a disposable cam and it probs has the date with the year ’98 stamped on the lower right side. What I’m saying is – it’s the filter everyone is using but no one is telling you they’re using it.

This is a picture taken using Huji

Huji is an app by the way. From road trips, to airports, to beaches, I’ve been Huji-ing a lot this summer. ⤵️

When I was flyin into Tampa the other day ✈️
Hi! Welcome to my dinner!! I bet ur all wondering why I gathered u here…..
Pizza parties all summer 🍕Shoutout to Frank Sinatra
A picture of me getting my picture taken #Hujinception btw the poodle is my bff Dash 🐩
Only in Texas do they have a whole a$s smokehouse in the airport 😂 I love my home country🤠
Ur fave pizza enthusiast in St. Petersburg, Florida
My roomie Aidan opening up a bottle on a beach somewhere in Malibu. Don’t worry we disposed properly of the bottles #savetheseaturtles🌊🐢
Rooftop deck. Tropicana Field in the center back 🍊
2018-09-06 14:42:00.507
*I* picked this Polo hat out at the store cuz mixing prints like that is definitely big d*ck energy. We love bold fashion statements.
Dash chillin at the beach 😎
Smiling cuz cheeseburger and fry🍔🍟We stan Crown Burger 👑
Dog beach 🌴🐕 Why don’t they make all beaches where dogs are allowed? Isn’t it just nature, can’t we all share? Plus the dogs were so cute and good swimming in the water!! We stan good boys!!!!! 🐶
spaceship_trip.jpg 🛸
Another pizza party at Grimaldi’s! #freepizzaszn (why does Aidan look 30 here)
Tubbin’ 💋🐾
Y’all ever been on a private beach before? Neither had I, until this day. This trip in Malibu seemed like a 50’s movie, everything was gorgeous, dramatic, and glamorous.
2018-09-04 19:03:14.041
U remind me of my bimmer
sunz out bunz (and hair puff) out

That was a lil bit of the sh*t I seen this summer. Also if you’re wondering why my time stamps are the current date as opposed to the ’98 that the app is originally set to it cuz i ain’t infatuated with the 90s like the rest of y’all. I’m kidding, but kind of not, I wanted the real dates because time flies soooo fast and soon these pics will be major nostalgic. Plus, I like the mix of new and old, if that makes sense. The Huji filter makes it seem as if you took pics with a disposable camera. When I was a kid I had tonssss of disposable cameras that I would have my parents develop for me, I would be so pumped when my pictures were ready.  When I’m older I’m probably going to be one of those ladies who have too many pictures, hell I already have a mini Polaroid book that filled to the brim with photos, I even keep some in my wallet 😂 (who does that other than dads? oh and my boyfriend, who keeps overflow polaroids of me in his wallet) But that’s when it dawned on me, when I found some pics of myself in J’s wallet I was halfway flattered and halfway had a eureka moment.

Anyway that’s all for now! I hope everyone had a dope, safe summer! And for you youngins going back to school, be good babies and study hard y’all  📚📝 Who knows, maybe Twerkita will pull up at ya graduation…..

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