Minding the Gap

With the Fenty fashion show being one of the hottest talked about subjects, the model Slick Woods happens to be the topic of conversation as well. If you’re not aware of who Slick Woods is, she’s a model. She’s appeared on runway shows for Yeezy, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs to name a few. She obviously is a Fenty model as well, oh and did I mention she gave labor at the 2018 Fenty Lingerie show???!!! This woman is like seriously amazing.

slickAside from how great Ms Woods is, there has been a lot a talk about how many people find her unattractive. Look, I know European beauty standards have been pushed on yall since the beginning of time but, good grief folks. Honestly… I’m just gonna say it: Y’all do not like gaps.
I know, such a sweeping generalization, and if you’re offended you’re probably part of the problem. I’m not just pointing fingers due to people voicing their opinion on Woods, as a gapped tooth girl, I know ya’ll don’t like gaps for plenty reasons.


Being a fellow gapped toothed girl, it really hurt my heart seeing those nasty comments about Woods. It took me back to a place when I was younger and kids would tease me because of my smile. They would taunt “get the London look!” and act as if they were hammering a nail between their two front teeth. Fast forward to being a young adult and I’m on a date, and this guy tells me I’d “be a solid 10 if I got my teeth fixed” VERBATIM, Y’ALL. I can’t make this sh*t up!! Y’all hate gaps just admit it.
Anyway, I digress. This post isn’t meant to bash anyone, this is a place of love. As I mentioned before, this really hit home for me. Growing up, I didn’t frequently see gapped tooth women in high fashion (until now), let alone a black gapped tooth women. We weren’t considered high fashion.

Writing this hurts cause it took me soooo long for me to love my gap. My parents never got me braces, despite my pleas, it was because they loved my teeth, and looking back, I’m so glad they did. When I was younger, they’d tell me my smile had “character” and I would rebuttal and say: “I don’t won’t character I wanted to be pretty with a perfect smile.” Writing that makes me feel some typa way cause only if I would have known what I knew now… I would laugh at younger me and all the time she wasted obsessing over “perfect” teeth.


I remember I would ALWAYS close with my mouth in pictures ⬆️⬆️, because I hated my gap so much. I believed everyone but my parents and let the world tell me my smile was less than. I would genuinely think that my smiled ruined me. I believed the words of the guy I went on that date with. Both of my parents have no gaps in their teeth and never had braces, so I felt they just didn’t understand. I also wondered where the hell I got these teeth from LOL. If my parents weren’t gonna fix my teeth I was going to do it with my own money. Fast forward to when I started doing photoshoots… the photographer noticed how clinched I look trying sOOOoo hard to pose with my mouth closed. I probs looked so uncomfortable and unnatural. Anyway, he said something to me, he said: “Open up your mouth, don’t be afraid to show your gap. BE PROUD OF THAT GAP, GIRL!!” The results of that photographer’s advice  ⬇️


If we’re being honest, even after this shoot and many shoots after I was still slightly insecure about my mouth. It really hasn’t been up until the last year or so that I’ve just been completely and fully in love with my smile. I love my big spaced out teeth and my beautiful big lips wrapped over them. It’s so unique, if I had gotten my teeth fixed, I’d look like any other pretty girl, which is not bad, but I wouldn’t have looked like me. I’ve finally embraced my gap and see the true beauty and value of it.

Loving yourself unconditionally and smiling often: 10/10 would recommend. 😁😁
You know that saying, or question that goes something like “would 8 year old you be proud of you today?”
8 year old me would have sworn that 21 year old me would have straight teeth by now. But sorry 8 year old Twerkita, you fell in love with your teeth, and most importantly yourself. You realized that conventional beauty standards aren’t your standards.
So to answer that question: 8 year old me is SO PROUD of me. I’m the coolest (and funniest) girl she knows!!!! LOL

We all have something about ourselves that we’ve hated (or hate) and learned (or are currently learning) to love over time and if you don’t love it just yet, BELIEVE me, you will in time. But most importantly its about loving yourself. Comment down below somethng you’re struggled within yourself wether it’s phyiscal or mental, it matters and Y  O U matter more!!!! Take some time today to unaplogetically love yourself. 💖

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