Review: Maria and Ricardo’s Tortillas

My favorite lazy snack is a chicken quesadilla okay. When my mom used to make these for dinner as a kid, I’d get so lit, and as an avid Tex-Mex eater and cooker, I can throw down on some quesadillas.  So you can understand why I was so enthusiastic to partner with Maria and Ricardo to try out their tortillas and tell you guys about it!

So first and foremost, (at least for now) you can only find these babies at Whole Foods. Can we talk about that store for a second..? Okay, its a mini CITY in there!!! Maybe I’m just a small town girl, but every time I go to Denver Whole Foods, it’s so BIG and so much is going on… I feel so little when I’m in there LOL. Also, have y’all ever ate at the hot bar there?!! Its dank, reminds me of when you have those office party potlucks hahaha. Take that description however you want to… ANYWAY, so these tortillas are stored with the refrigerated tortillas FYI.

Everything you need to make my infamous chicken quesadillas⬇️


Upon busting out these bad boys to make some quesadillas, I was immediately impressed with how thicc n strong 😫👌💦 they were, but seriously! My roomies and I took turns slapping the tortillas as soon as we took them out of the bag 😂 I started out with cutting the tortillas in half because they were rather large.


Once I finished grilling the chicken, which I do on a George Foreman Grill, (I highly recommend investing in one of these indoor grills because they do wonders✨🌈 It takes me about 5 mins to grill chicken on this thing!!!) I throw some butter in a heated skillet (this is how you get the tortilla nice and crispy) and I throw half of the tortilla in the skillet and top it with cheese and chicken.

I let the cheese get all melty and gooey before I add the second half of the tortilla, then I flip it and let it sit on the burner until the tortilla gets nice and brown to my liking.
After I’ve done all that, bone apple titty!!! Quesadillas are done! Lmao. Super easy super simple super yummy 😋

What I enjoyed the most about this particular brand of tortillas is they don’t crack or break easily like other brands, so I was able to actually flip the quesadilla with my hand, without anything breaking or spilling out! That’s pretty impressive. Maria and Ricardo’s tortillas are also non-GMO, with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Everyone I made quesadillas for in my house, loved them! So 5 out of 5 stars from Twerk and her roomies  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Next time you’re out, stop by your local Whole Foods for these yummy tortillas (and the hot bar) 😂



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