Kujo Ansah

It’s actually a funny story how this photographer and I met. Like most of my friends, I met Kujo on the internet, Twitter to be exact. But Kujo and I go wayyy back, we were mutuals back when my  Twitter @ name was loltwerk (only tru Twerkita fans will know). That was way back when I was a teen and before my mom allowed me to meet people from the internet, so Kujo and I were virtual friends for years… even up until this photo shoot!


Back in the day, I don’t think Kujo and I were aware that we lived in the same town. It took a mutual friend of ours to realize we lived in the same area. One day Kujo hit me up and told me he thought I was photogenic and wanted to set up a shoot. I was thrilled! So we met up and well the rest is history.


This shoot was interesting and definitely a first, because Kujo wanted to do a tennis themed shoot. When I was in the 7th grade, I tried out for my middle school tennis team…and well.. I hit the coach in the head when I was trying to serve…and yeah.. I didn’t make the team. That was the only tennis experience I had prior to this shoot and I was sure to let Kujo know. He assured me that we’d be fine cause he just needed me to pose. LOL!

me: agreed to have tennis balls thrown at me
also me: is scared of having tennis balls thrown at me

So to say the least, this shoot was a little out of my comfort zone but I’m glad I did it! I tried to channel my inner Serena Williams. As you can you see, Kujo did an excellent job! I’m very excited to do more shoots with him in the future. Make sure to check out his website!


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