Disposable Diary: Fall ’18

Ahh! My favorite season!!! Fall 2018 was my favorite one by far because I moved to Denver last spring, and Colorado is drop dead gorgeous  😍 Will always have love in my heart for this place. So lets get to it ⤵️

The most fall thing you can literally do is go to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. Yes we got lost in the corn maze, yes the farm closed while we were lost inside.
Well one of us is gonna have to change…. 📍Denver Art Museum
Y’all like LOOK! AT! THESE! TREES! and the mountains peaking out tha back on GAWD😩💦🏔 this that fall shit im talkin bout 😍🍂
mood 💙
zee artist and his muse 🎨👸🏿
Colorado THRIVES in the fall!! Ya hemi?? 📍Breckenridge, CO
I recommend everyone take a relaxing bubble bath at least twice a week… bottle of wine is optional… #selfcare #treatyoself its not a crime to relax y’all!! 🛁
Celebrating our love at fancy restaurants!! 🎉❤️ 📍Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse
Box braided my first head… so you know I had to document it #ForTheCulture✊🏾
See.. we’re wholesome
Adding these to the list of things I should have impulsively bought, but didn’t 😿
Me n Chaz Ultra stan the fall ☝🏽😌

As you can see, my fall was cozy, loving, and warm. Spent ample amounts of time hanging out and having fun. From taking shots in Breckenridge to getting lost in a corn maze,  I think its save to say I falled tf out!! Lmao, the jokes write themselves, they really do hahaha. I’m grateful for the places I’ve been and things I’ve seen. Disposable dairy helps me to reflect and appreciate. Although I’m a huge advocate for living in the present moment, it’s nice to stroll down member berry lane every once in a while 🍇

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