BTS: Envelope by Trip Rexx

Imagine frolicking through the beautiful, green, lush, rolling hills of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California… smoking (legal) weed, listening to new music and hanging out with new friends. That’s exactly how my Saturday afternoon was spent on set filming Trip Rexx’s newest music video: Envelope.


The video shoot was about a week prior to the horrific wildfires that swept across Cali in early November. Crazy to think if the video shoot was pushed back any further, we probably would have had to change locations… it’s also crazy to think about how this is probably some of the last footage of Pepperdine before it got charred 😱🔥


My interpretation of the song is that it’s all about growing up and moving on, yet always remembering where you came from, thus sending all your love. I’d personally describe this song as “happy trap”. It goes hard yet it makes you feel good and it sends a positive message. The hook is sweet and all about sending your love 💌You can download and stream the hit here ❤️


Filmed, edited, and directed by Nick Freeman, the music video really captures the song’s psychedelic carefreeness. First of all, this video is filled with #BlackGirlMagic, I love the big hair in the music video lol, these ladies actually inspired me to add an afro wig to my collection in the near future… big hair is so fun!!! One of my fav shots in the video is when Erica (the girl in the cheetah print) is just shaking her hair in the field, issa whole mood 🌈🌟


It was awesome being part of this and watching the music video come to life. Shoutout to Trip for the invite 😉💌 I could never complain about a day spent in Malibu with good music, tree, and friends quite frankly. Shooting music videos are actually fun, wouldn’t mind being in more… in the long term future future, I want to eventually direct music videos, so it’s safe to say I’m hanging out with the right crowd.

As for Trip Rexx, I’m sure his future is bright. Keep ya eyes peeled for his debut project, due very soon this year👀 He’s about to bring trap to a new realm altogether. Once again, make sure to check out the amazing music video!! Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and leave a comment about how good I look in it ‼️Period.

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