Simrah Farrukh

Standing at no more than probably 5 foot, I met the beautiful Simrah Farrukh on a sunny Sunday afternoon at a park somewhere in Beverly Hills. She had reached out to this designer and wanted to take some pictures of their lehenga for this shoot. Simrah needed another girl to wear a lehenga and that’s when I came in the picture – literally.

35mm 006

If you don’t know what a lehenga is, fear not! Neither did I until I put it on and Simrah explained to me what they are. A lehenga is a long skirt that falls around the ankles. The skirt is often pleated and embroidered for ceremonial or formal occasions such as a wedding. The lehenga hangs from the waist leaving the lower back and midriff bare. It is normally paired with a blouse and a drape.

mamiya 004

I love playing dress up, so getting to wear this lehenga made me feel like an instant princess. The quality of the fabric and the artistry of the tops and bottoms were nothing short of phenomenal. Spinning around in the park with Sarah, had to be my second favorite part of the shoot. With my first favorite part being wearing the lehenga and feeling so beautiful in it.

35mm 008

Something super cool and unlike anything I’ve done on any other shoot is that in some of these photos, Simrah used a Portra 400, 35mm. Which in normal people’s language, it means she used a film camera. It was something that I had never seen before and it really takes the quality of the photograph to a whole new level.  It gave the photographs more character and authenticity in my opinion.


Speaking of authenticity, if you head over to Simrah’s “about” page, you’ll get to see what she looks like and what this little lady is all about. She mentions how her work is a response to the lack of brown representation in western art and fashion. When I read that for myself it meant so much to me. I love that she’s choosing to capture with a cause and it really means something. Her artistry is prevalent in all of her work, even down to every color scheme she captures, to how she has you tilt your head to pose.

35mm 005

To say the least, Simrah’s images are powerful. Seeing myself in these pictures make me feel so strong and unwavering. Her photos say 1000 words and some, okay! Period. I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting and working with Simrah. These photos are the kind you put in picture frames and pass down to your family.

35mm 004

Once again, this is Simrah’s Instagram. Where more of her amazing work can be seen, be sure to show her lots of love 💖 She also has a website. Thank you Simrah and Kynah!

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