Meet Mob King Gotti

Residing in Alabama, I met Mob King Gotti over a FaceTime call where he talked to me as he rolled his Backwood. “Alabama is as peaceful as it gets, its real quiet, real peaceful… Even though I’m from Tennessee, I love Alabama forreal. Issa whole country vibe.”

Mob King Gotti got them horses in the back. 🤠 From the southern twang you hear in his cadence, when I first heard Mob King Gotti’s “4th Quarter” EP, I immediately thought of him as a TI and David Banner hybrid, if you will. So when I asked Gotti what his musical influences were, he replied with “… the legends… TI and Hot Boyz” to name a few. Twerkita stays hittin the hammer on the head or however the saying goes LOL. I’m not gonna even look it up to correct myself because getting phrases wrong is so on brand of me.


How long have you been doing music?

I started doing music foreal foreal back in like the 8th grade… that was back in ’09.

Who or what influences you to make music?

My nonmusic influence would definitely be the people around me, my family and shit. I got a big family, plus my little daughter is about to turn 4… She’s my biggest influence. She make me go hard really. I have a big ass family and me being the youngest I wanna bring the bacon home, you feel me? 🥓
Musically, my influences are the legends… T.I. and Hot Boyz. The legends, you know. The OGs that came before.
Also once I seen that movie Baller Blockin I knew I was gonna be a rapper. I always wanted to be like them forreal.


How do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

Motivated… Imma motivational cat, ya dig.😼 They gotta be turnted up, cause I’m turnt up too and inspired when they hear me.

What do you do outside of music that contributes to your creativity?

Fashion. My brother has a clothing line and I’m the cofounder. It’s a skateboard clothing line. We went different… a lot of people did urban so we did skate. I love fashion. We do a lot of fashion.. fashion shows and shit like that. Forreal though fashion is the passion

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What’s so different about you and your music?

I mix the old in with the new, and it kinda sounds like a new sound to these younger cats coming up. They [younger cats] ain’t really have a chance to hear the music that I got to hear growing up and I kinda mix that in with what’s going on now and I stand out like that. A lotta old cats like my music cause it gives em something to feel.

Any artist(s) you dream of collabing with?

Yeah… Alicia Keys. There’s not many I just dream of collabing with… I wanna collab with Kodak Black. That nigga gives me motivation and inspire me, I come from the projects too.

What wraps do you use to roll?

I always use Backwoods. I was a Swisher Diamond smoker and a RAW Paper smoker, but I was on Newports aswell. The Backwoods got me off the Newports and I just stuck to the Backwoods ever since.


As for the 4th Quarter EP, my personal favorite tracks were (in no particular order): 23 (Freestyle), Angel, and Filet That. Make sure to check it out, it can be streamed here. Also, make sure to show Mob King Gotti lots of love on his Instagram. It was a pleasure meeting Mob King Gotti and talking to him for a bit. Stay on the lookout for new music and Ray Goo fits from him.






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